Pedreres Incomar

Natural Stone, extraction and treatment.

We have 10,266m² of factory in Els Omellons (Lleida)and we have 10,266 m² of area of extraction and production of natural stone, as Floresta Sandstone, Folgueroles Sandstone and Blue Sandstone, which has the following means:

single diamond wires, gang saw, cnc contouring machine, slab/strip polishing, bevel machine, edge polisher, hammered machine, block cutting , bridge stone cutters, sandblasters and area of stocking and loading natural stone...
Our factory has got cranes, and vacuum lifter systems that allow us to take special care of our natural sandstone products , At the same time it also allows us to facilitate fast production .

We are also prepared to load all of type of containers, either in bundles or export box.

Thanks to the investments made in high-technology machinery (cnc machine, hammered machine, edge polisher, contouring machine, …) we have managed to improve the quality of our stones required by our customers.
The variety of our resources and experience in traditional techniques gives us the capacity to make possible transforming a rough block into all kinds of finishes; semi elaborated type: export block, sandstone slabs or cut to sizes; or elaborated type like: columns or balusters, plaquette or tiles, paving or facades, fireplaces, cornices, copings, ashlar, architectural masonry, bespoke masonry, … …